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11.10 - 31.10.21

Barbara Meyer Cesta
en voyage avec espace libre
A residency and exhibition project organised in collaboration with Sonnenstube, as part of espace libre's 2021 curatorial exchange program: SPACE SWAP.  


how She swims

how She strays  

how She shams

how She slurps

how She sits

how She smells

we do it

like it

tell it

11. - 18.10
Barbara Meyer Cesta in residence with Beth Dillon and Vera Trachsel (co-curators, espace libre) at Sonnenstube, Lugano (TI)
Exhibition opening, Sonnenstube, Lugano (TI)
16.10 - 30.10.21
Exhibition continues
Madonna_Aug. 31 2021 19_Aug. 31 2021a.jpg
Image credit: Rudolf Steiner 

L'ODOROSA - Sonnenstube OFFSPACE, Lugano CH

Photo credits: ©Beth Dillon

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